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Authentic Care from an Emergency Dentist in Orlando FL

Authentic Care from an Emergency Dentist in Orlando FL

Authentic Care from an Emergency Dentist in Orlando FL

Are you in pain and you need emergency dental services? If you have pain in any part of your mouth it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible. Minor dental issues can become major dental issues if they are not treated quickly. When you’re in need of a serious emergency dentist in Orlando FL, Serene Dental has your back.

Sometimes a toothache can be mild or severe. If you wake up with a toothache but decide to ignore it, it could spiral into a larger issue. Leaving the toothache alone for too long could result in abscess infections or worse. Even if the toothache is not that severe there are other problems that could happen if you don’t seek professional help right away.

Other dental emergencies include broken or chipped teeth. We typically see cracked teeth after an accident. When a broken tooth becomes infected you may need to have treatment to avoid getting an infection in your mouth. Left untreated, an infection can travel throughout your body and affect other parts of your body including your heart.

When you get an infection in your mouth you need emergency treatment to prevent the spread of the bacteria and get relief from pain. Some of the things that your dental emergency treatment professional may recommend to you include tooth extraction, antibiotic treatment, and other forms of treatment.

If your toothache is caused by an infected sore or abscess you may need to seek treatment options right away. Your emergency dentist in Orlando will likely want you to have an x-ray or laboratory test in order to determine the extent of the infection or abscess and to determine whether you need to see a doctor right away.

As we age our teeth tend to lose strength and density, which makes it easier for tooth loss and cavities to develop. An emergency dentist has the skills and training to handle tooth loss cases and should be able to perform a variety of dental treatments in a timely manner. Regardless of how severe the loss may be you should always contact a caring and experienced emergency dentist.

Don’t hesitate to contact a professional, caring dentist if you experience extreme or chronic pain, blood in your mouth or suffer from an accident that affects your teeth. For more information on an emergency dentist in Orlando that’s close to you, visit our services page, or call us today at 407-434-0243. We’d be happy to assist you with any dental emergency you experience.

Staff is awesome! Treats me and my dad like family! Best experience Ive had in a dentist office.

Have had several procedures done and all of them have been done excellently and in a timely manner! Melissa is the best!

– Hector Robles

1st Impression was great. Front office ladies, work together. The Waiting area a little tight space for CoVid19 distancing, but managable with calling patients back with little to no wait time. My Hygienist (Diana) has been great. I appreciate her attention to detail. Very informative. Thx.

– A.Hemmings

Honest Review: Serene Dental is amazing! Amy was my dentist and she is a sweetheart and always makes me feel good when I am nervous. They performed a deep gum cleaning and it was so easy and I recommend coming here. I don’t like other dentist offices.

– Gabriela Negron Velazquez