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Dealing With a Not So Happy Smile From Quarantine

Dealing With a Not So Happy Smile From Quarantine

Dealing With a Not So Happy Smile From Quarantine

Have you found yourself indulging in more sweets and fried foods while you’re stuck at home? We have all fallen victim to the temptation of eating our favorite sweets as we lock down and do our part to help defeat this virus. However, your pearly white friends certainly do not enjoy all those acidic, sugary foods. That’s how one ends up with a not so happy smile.

At our Orlando dental center, we provide the best service to get your teeth in tip top shape to impress that Valentine’s Day date. With the virus still surging, your teeth most certainly need a check up and with our dental services, we provide the perfect cleanings that allow you to go into date night with a confident smile. The cleaning services that we provide give you the opportunity to keep your teeth strong and healthy while preventing any future problems with your mouth.

If your teeth were already affected by your favorite comfort foods of the pandemic, our emergency care provides services that will patch up any toothache you feel. The full service Orlando dental center provides the emergency services that heal any mouth pain you may be experiencing. This service will assist you with any lost fillings or uneasy feelings in your mouth. With the holiday that is so focused on giving loved ones candy and taking them out to dinner fast approaching, no one can be bothered with the extra stress of trying to find an emergency service available right away. Our emergency services are ready to help with any major oral complication that you’re experiencing.

Now, let’s jump into another aspect that would call for our services being brought into action. Lots of times when you eat more fast food or junk food, tooth staining and decay come with it. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been more and more people experiencing either tooth decay or staining from their quarantine eating habits. Our employees are trained to specifically treat such issues in anyone’s mouth. Our bad eating habits during quarantine can often result in a need for the right dental care. We, at this Orlando dental center, provide the best porcelain crowns and teeth whitening services in the area. Our porcelain crowns and teeth whitening services provide you with style while preserving your beautiful smile. These services are a must have for anyone trying to impress their significant other with a brand new dazzling smile.

While we are here for all of your needs, your safety is a top priority here at Serene Orlando dental center. That, and a happy smile! We have put in the necessary safety precautions to safely serve you at our center. Conveniently located at 275 South Chickasaw Trail, Suite 2 in Orlando Florida, we are ready to give you the services needed to make your teeth squeaky clean for that Valentine’s Day dinner. For more information on the services we offer, visit our website or call us today at 407-434-0243.

Staff is awesome! Treats me and my dad like family! Best experience Ive had in a dentist office.

Have had several procedures done and all of them have been done excellently and in a timely manner! Melissa is the best!

– Hector Robles

1st Impression was great. Front office ladies, work together. The Waiting area a little tight space for CoVid19 distancing, but managable with calling patients back with little to no wait time. My Hygienist (Diana) has been great. I appreciate her attention to detail. Very informative. Thx.

– A.Hemmings

Honest Review: Serene Dental is amazing! Amy was my dentist and she is a sweetheart and always makes me feel good when I am nervous. They performed a deep gum cleaning and it was so easy and I recommend coming here. I don’t like other dentist offices.

– Gabriela Negron Velazquez