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Expert Invisalign from a Family Dental Clinic in Orlando

Expert Invisalign from a Family Dental Clinic in Orlando

Expert Invisalign from a Family Dental Clinic in Orlando

When it comes to finding a reliable family dental clinic in Orlando, it can become rather difficult. However, at Serene Dental we bring every client in the Orlando Florida area the best service possible. With reduced fee service examination, we are able to provide a series of services that can help make visiting the dentist enjoyable again. After learning more about our business, we hope that you will get right on the phone and schedule an appointment with our experts. Because whether it be Invisalign, dental filling, or just your biannual cleaning, our dentists are ready to help improve your smile. However, before you make the decision on whether you need our services or not, you must learn more about the services we continue to provide.

Possibly the most popular treatment at our family dental clinic in Orlando is our Invisalign service. When clients are on the search for Invisalign in the Orlando area, it can be very hard to find quality work for a cheaper price. However, at Serene Dental we treat dental problems at a cheaper rate than anyone else.

Your teeth may not be the straightest but you may not like the idea of getting braces. Many people simply do not like the look of metal braces as an adult especially. You may be searching for alternatives that help improve your teeth in the background of your smile. This can be found within our custom-made clear aligners that help straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. Our Invisalign clear aligners also help prevent the disease of microfractures in your smile while wearing them. Invisalign is a virtually invisible treatment that allows your local dentists at Serene to provide you with a beautiful smile. With this product being more popular with adults, our series of custom-fit Invisalign products is extremely important to the health of your smile.

So the question still remains, why choose Invisalign over braces? Braces can be quite the expense and still do not guarantee that your teeth will come out looking as perfect as can be. With Invisalign, you are able to see the progress of your smile rather clearly. Those with braces also have a better chance of tar build-up and yellowing teeth. The braces create a boundary and can make it hard to brush every part of your teeth which then allows for decay to occur. With Invisalign being easily removable, patients are able to safely eat and drink whatever they wish. They will also be able to brush their teeth with the Invisalign out, which allows them to keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

As a family dental clinic in Orlando, we are able to provide this service and many more to people of all ages. With technology continuing to advance, our experts have kept their skills up to date. Whether you are coming in for just a cleaning or thinking about getting Invisalign, our dentists will help guide you through the process rather easily. We bring everything your teeth need to stay happy and healthy throughout the process of aligning them.

Unlike many other dental clinics in the area, we also provide state-of-the-art expertise on dental work that does not involve Invisalign. For years, we have been able to provide routine cleanings to families along with tooth extractions and fillings. There is nothing that our office hasn’t seen yet and while we continue to learn, we strive to provide the best service possible to our patients. With routine cleanings being included in our services, we are able to assure you that your teeth are to remain clean throughout your time of relying on Invisalign. Our cleanings will remove any decay that may hinder the development of your smile in the future, which can also stop the Invisalign from doing the work it is meant to do.

If you want to still have that professional appearance and enjoy fixing your smile at the same time, our Invisalign service is for you. Call our office or visit our site here to schedule an appointment today. Conveniently located at 275 S Chickasaw Trail, Serene Dental has everything your teeth need to look better than ever. Families have been choosing our practice for years now and we still continue to be the leader in our industry. Don’t wait to get your teeth the treatment they deserve. Choose the easy, enjoyable way of improving your smile, choose Serene Dental.

Staff is awesome! Treats me and my dad like family! Best experience Ive had in a dentist office.

Have had several procedures done and all of them have been done excellently and in a timely manner! Melissa is the best!

– Hector Robles

1st Impression was great. Front office ladies, work together. The Waiting area a little tight space for CoVid19 distancing, but managable with calling patients back with little to no wait time. My Hygienist (Diana) has been great. I appreciate her attention to detail. Very informative. Thx.

– A.Hemmings

Honest Review: Serene Dental is amazing! Amy was my dentist and she is a sweetheart and always makes me feel good when I am nervous. They performed a deep gum cleaning and it was so easy and I recommend coming here. I don’t like other dentist offices.

– Gabriela Negron Velazquez