Orlando General Dental Services

Orlando General Dental Services
A General Dentist is the one dentist whom you should always have on call. While other dentists may do certain examinations or special operations and procedures, a General Dentist provides even more services. They do not specialize in one particular aspect of dentistry but instead can offer many types of dental services at their office.

What services are offered at Serene Dental?

At Serene Dental, we have trained dentists who can meet all your needs--whether you are looking for an Orlando Emergency Dentist, a Cosmetic Dentist or an Orlando Orthodontist. We can assist you with many aspects of teeth care, including the following:

Routine Services

Routine services include some of the most common problems people have with their teeth, which could be anything from Root Canals to fillings and bridges.

Preventive Services

It’s essential to maintain excellent oral health. Even if you don’t have any problems or pains, you could benefit from regular exams, X-rays and coaching for oral hygiene to safeguard your teeth in the future.

Restorative Services

This service is offered when you need immediate treatment for a problem or trauma. For example, gum disease (periodontal) or dentures and canal therapy.

Cosmetic Procedures

Sometimes, the only way to get the teeth you always dreamed of is with a little cosmetic help. Whitening, cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers are on offer.

General Health Care

Our General Dentists are highly trained to treat common problems as well as give you referrals and tips for better lifestyles. Remember, a dental problem may just be hiding a more serious issue inside your body. Even the tiniest pain could signal a greater problem. Our dentists can check and identify any concerns and potential risks so that you can get treatment right away. You can call on them for counseling and further care.

A General Check-Up

It’s recommended that you see your dentist at least every six months. Even the healthiest person can benefit from routine oral care. If you would like more information on cosmetic procedures, our general dentists can counsel you on the right one to choose for your personal circumstances. Looking for the perfect dentist in Orlando? Call us or visit our website to schedule an appointment, and make your oral care top priority today.

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