What Makes A Quality Orthodontist?

What Makes A Quality Orthodontist?
You and your family may have been seeing your family dentist for years, but now either you or your children need orthodontic care. You may be wondering if your family dentist can provide the orthodontic care you need. Do you need to see a specialist, and if so, how do you find a qualified orthodontist? Here's a look at these answers and more to clarify what makes a quality orthodontist.

Dentist vs. Orthodontist

Not all oral health practitioners are alike. Dentists are trained in basic oral care, such as oral health, tooth growth, fillings, X-rays, teeth cleaning and more. A dentist training in orthodontic care, however, is quite limited. An orthodontist, on the other hand, must first become a dentist and then complete an additional two to three years of schooling specifically in orthodontic care. Technically, dentists are still permitted to handle orthodontic services, but they cannot claim to specialize in the services like an orthodontist can.

How to Find a Quality Orthodontist

When searching for a quality orthodontist, you should consider several factors, including:
  • Credentials - You want to work with a board-certified orthodontist. This means that the orthodontist has completed all the necessary training to become a professional orthodontist and successfully passed the licensing exam.
  • Experience - You also want to find an orthodontist who has years of experience working with children and/or adults, depending on your specific needs.
  • Reputation - Try to find an orthodontist that has a good reputation for serving his patients. Online review sites or recommendations from friends, family members or coworkers can be a good place to start.

Benefits of Working With a Certified Orthodontist

While any dentist can provide orthodontic care, you could be jeopardizing your oral health or the oral health of your kids by obtaining care from an unqualified dentist. Orthodontic care is about more than just straightening your teeth. The orthodontist must understand growth development, and how the jaw, bite and tooth movement effect oral care. These are the things that orthodontists learn through their extensive education. Without this expert knowledge, a dentist could cause permanent damage to your teeth or the teeth or your children. You also may undergo unnecessary pain due to incorrect surgery techniques. To ensure the best care, you always should look for a trained and experienced orthodontist who is board-certified. Don't jeopardize the health of your teeth. Instead, take the time to find a qualified orthodontist professional in your area.

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