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Dental Crowns in Orlando, FL

Your teeth are strong and durable, but they face many stressors throughout their lifespan. The food you eat and drink may be acidic or full of sugar, which encourages bacterial growth and can hurt the tooth enamel. Tooth decay, cracks and other surface damage can lead to issues deeper in the tooth, and it could use some help to get back up to speed.

A tooth crown is one-way dentists fix structural problems with your teeth. Sometimes the rest of your tooth can’t be saved, but the roots don’t have any problems. They top the roots off with a crown, which acts as a replacement to the lost enamel.

When Do You Need a Tooth Crown

You may feel symptoms of a damaged tooth over time, or it may happen suddenly. Sensitivity to hot and cold or toothaches are good indicators that something is wrong in your mouth.

A dentist will examine the affected area and may take an x-ray to see whether a crown makes sense for your dental situation. You don’t necessarily need an intact root system for a crown. A special type of crown, called a bridge, acts as a replacement for a tooth that’s fallen out or gotten extracted. It stays in place thanks to the healthy teeth nearby.

How Does a Dentist Put in a Tooth Crown

The dentist gets a custom tooth impression from your mouth so he can make a crown sized specifically for you. You don’t have a one-size-fits-all crown because your bite and tooth size and shape are unique. However, you may get a temporary crown that stays in place until your unique crown arrives from the lab.

You will go back into the office to get the crown put in. The dentist has a type of cement that’s made to work with the crown. Depending on the state of your tooth, you may need additional work done before the dentist finishes this part of the process. For example, it’s common to fill the rest of the tooth up to improve the structural integrity after a cavity gets removed.

The typical crown can last you up to 15 years, so you don’t have to worry about a replacement for a long time. You care for it the same way that you do the rest of your teeth. When you have a quality dentist handling your tooth crown procedure, people may not know you have a replacement at all.