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Dental Fillings

Cavities happen for many reasons and one of the most common ways dentists address them is through dental fillings. This process involves removing the decayed areas of the tooth and replacing them with a filling substance. The filling’s primary function is to give your tooth more structural integrity after the cavity gets removed.

Types of Dental Fillings

Dentists use a few types of fillings depending on the situation. If you received a filling in the past few decades, they probably used a metal filling called amalgam. They perform their job well, but they blacken over time since your mouth encounters a lot of substances that cause the metal to change color. While this doesn’t decrease the effectiveness of the fillings, it can make you self-conscious about your teeth.

Composite resin fillings are another option that provides a far more natural look in your mouth. Instead of metal, dental-grade plastic resin fills in the spaces in your teeth. They’re quite strong and provide the same functionality as the traditional metal filling.

Do Composite Resin Fillings Work for You?

You can ask for composite resin fillings if you get a cavity and need it filled, so you start out with this option. If you currently have amalgam fillings, your dentist may be able to switch those out with resin.

You don’t necessarily need a cavity to get composite resin fillings. These natural-looking strengtheners can also bond to your tooth. You get better strength and you end up with a smile that looks that much brighter.

The Composite Resin Orlando Dental Fillings Procedure

The process is similar to the one dentists use for metal fillings. The first step is giving you an anesthetic so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. They take out the tissue that’s dead or decaying so you’re left with a healthy tooth. After preparing the surfaces so the resin can bond with the tooth, you get all that space filled with a new filling.

The biggest difference between a resin filling and a metal one is that the dentist needs to cure the resin with a light. If you ever had acrylic nails done at a salon, this is a similar concept. The dentist finishes up by making sure that the tooth is the correct height so your bite is identical to before.

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