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Orlando Emergency Dentist

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At Serene Dental, we know that dental emergencies rarely happen during business hours. Toothaches, chipped teeth, abscesses and other common problems always seem to happen at the least convenient time. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency services to make sure you can see a dentist when you really need one.

Dental Emergencies Treated at Serene Dental

Orlando emergency dentists need to be prepared to handle a wide range of situations. The emergency dental procedures we offer at Serene Dental are designed to stop the pain and potential damage caused by:

  • Abscesses (infections that cause swelling and pain).
  • Lost fillings and crowns that need to be replaced quickly to prevent tooth decay.
  • Chipped, broken or lost teeth.

What to Do When You Have a Dental Emergency

Even though dental emergencies may cause you a lot of pain, it’s important for you to remain calm and think clearly to prevent further damage. How you react to a dental emergency, however, depends on the circumstances.


If you have a toothache, take a dose of aspirin, Tylenol or a similar over-the-counter pain reliever. The meditation should relieve some of the sensitivity that causes pain.

Lost Teeth

If your tooth has been knocked out, gently place the tooth back in its socket. You can also hold the tooth between your cheek and gums. Do your best not to touch the nerve endings. You don’t want to damage them.

Sometimes you can’t put the tooth back into your mouth. You may also worry that you might swallow the tooth before you can see a dentist. When this happens, put the tooth in a glass of milk. Saltwater or moist towels can also help preserve the tooth.

It’s important to see a dentist as quickly as possible when you lose a tooth. If you can get treatment within 30 minutes, there’s a good chance that your dentist can re-implant the tooth.


Abscesses can cause intense pain. Unfortunately, the infections that cause abscesses can also affect your overall health. You may develop a problem called Ludwig’s angina, which restricts your airways and makes it difficult to breathe.

The infection could spread to other parts of your body. Brain infections have caused some people to go into comas. If the infection spreads to your heart, you could develop a condition called infective endocarditis.

Don’t mistake an abscess for tooth pain. It’s a serious condition that needs immediate treatment.

No matter what kind of emergency you experience, you should always call Serene Dental Center immediately to let our Orlando emergency dentists know that you need help. A dentist can offer additional advice and make plans to treat you as soon as possible.

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