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Teeth and Sports Injuries

When you get a sports injury, you can injure your teeth. But you can take preventative measures to protect your teeth. At Serene Dental, you can get the teeth sports injury services you need when looking for dental services in Orlando. Teeth injuries can be addressed and prevented. Here are some services you can expect at Serene Dental:

Mouthguard Selection

Mouthguards are an essential preventative tool to use, especially if you or your child is engaged in high impact sports such as football, hockey, boxing or lacrosse. At Serene Dental, we’ll recommend the ideal mouthguard to use based on the sports you or your child plays. These mouthguards are instrumental for absorbing the shock your teeth may experience during a sports injury to your teeth. With a mouthguard, you can avoid losing a tooth or fracturing your teeth. You can choose from three mouthguard types based on effectiveness and price:

  • Stock mouthguards
  • Custom-fitted latex mouthguards
  • Mouth-formed mouthguards

Fractured Jaw and Fractured Teeth Repair

You’ll get the help you need in the event your tooth and jaw are fractured. But it’s important to put best practices into place to ensure your tooth can be reimplanted. Fractured teeth and jaws require immediate attention. So, contact us or head to the emergency room right away. Keep your mouth still and avoid moving your jaw to reduce pain.

Patient Education

With the help of Serene Dental, you’ll get the understanding you need to correctly avoid teeth sports injuries. We’ll teach you when to contact us or the hospital right away for handling sports-related teeth injuries, such as teeth injuries due to baseball, basketball, volleyball or skateboarding. You’ll also understand how to properly prevent further teeth damage should you or your child experience a teeth sports injury. For example, it’s crucial to pick up a knocked-out tooth by the crown rather than the root to prevent nerve ending injuries.

If you’re experiencing any of these teeth sports injuries, don’t hesitate to contact Serene Dental for help. At Serene Dental, you can get the expert services you need to prevent and repair teeth sports injuries.