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Foods to Avoid to Prevent Cavities

No one loves the idea of avoiding certain foods. Just about everyone enjoys a big bowl of creamy macaroni and cheese or a scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream. Yet there are ingredients that these foods contain which can weaken your enamel and cause cavities.


Sugar has long been a source of blame when it comes to cavities—and for good reason. When you eat sweets, your saliva breaks down the sugar and turns it into bacteria. This bacteria can be extremely harmful because it can prevent your mouth from creating the calcium it needs to repair your teeth each day. When your enamel becomes weakened, your teeth can become more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay.

Carbs and Starches

The latest low-carb crave doesn’t just keep the extra pounds off your frame. Cutting back on carbs can also help you cut back on tooth decay, too. Carbohydrates, such as pasta, chips and crackers, can get stuck in your teeth. When your saliva begins to break down these food particles, it releases the sugars from the food. As you already know, sugar can wreak havoc on your teeth. Make sure to brush your teeth and floss after chowing down on your favorite snacks. Or, join the low-carb craze, and pass on carbs and starches altogether.


You might think that drinking alcohol could possibly kill enough bacteria in your mouth to actually prevent cavities. Unfortunately, there’s not enough science to suggest that alcohol can prevent cavities, but there’s enough data to suggest that the sugars in alcohol can increase the likelihood of cavities. Alcohol can also dehydrate your body—especially your mouth. You need plenty of saliva to help fight bacteria in your mouth and help encourage the flow of food particles past your teeth.

Acidic Foods

Another misconception is that acidic foods can help to kill bacteria and even whiten your teeth. While some of these foods may have whitening properties, the acid can actually do more damage than good. Acid can wear off the enamel on your teeth. Once the enamel has been worn off, small holes start to form in your teeth called (you guessed it) cavities.

No one expects you to avoid these foods all the time, but you’ll want to take certain measures when you do decide to indulge. Brush your teeth and floss after every meal; if you can’t brush or floss, try to rinse your mouth with water to clear any lingering food.

If you have cavities or even think you do, come in for a visit and one of our dentist will help you take care of existing cavities and protect against future cavities.

The following are some of the services you can get from Serene Dental Center:

Dental Implants

If you’re missing one or more teeth, dental implants may be what you need to complete your smile. These are a great permanent alternative to dentures, as your Orlando cosmetic dentist will surgically attach each implant to your jawbone. This means the implants won’t move around or fall out of your mouth when you eat or talk.


If any of your teeth are stained, gapped, chipped or just not properly aligned in your mouth, veneers can help. When you opt for this treatment from your Orlando cosmetic dentist, your smile will look better than ever, but still natural since veneers can be made to match your other teeth.


If your tooth is decayed, broken, discolored or weak for any reason, you might need a crown for it. This is a durable cap that looks like a tooth, and it covers the visible surface of any tooth that could benefit from some added strength and stability.

Teeth Whitening

Your teeth can get stained over time, especially if you frequently drink coffee, red wine or dark cola. But teeth whitening can quickly and easily eliminate the stains or discoloration that might be keeping you from showing off your smile as often as you should.


If your teeth are not straight and you don’t like the idea of getting traditional metal braces as an adult, Invisalign might be right for you. The clear aligners are nearly invisible and offer a more comfortable way to get straight teeth at just about any age.

Emergency Dentistry

Some dental problems can’t wait until the next business day. If you have severe pain in your teeth or gums due to a cavity, lost filling or abscess, you deserve the chance to see a dentist right away. The same urgency applies if one of your teeth unexpectedly falls out. You need fast access to an Orlando dentist who can help immediately to relieve pain and improve your dental health.

If you’re interested in learning more about the services we can offer you as an Orlando cosmetic dentist, contact Serene Dental Center today.