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Healthy Foods for your Teeth

Foods both dental and nutritionally recommended are high in nutrients and low in sugar. In other words, you should try to eat the foods that will do the most for your teeth and body. For better dental health stick to the foods that are high in nutritional value. Whether these foods are chosen as part of a meal or an in between meal snack, these types of foods will contribute greatly to your daily nutritional needs.

Eat properly and use the traffic light system with go, caution and stop foods. Some of the go foods include milk, eggs, yogurt Melba toast, peanuts and cheese. Milk acts as an acid inhibitor when combined with starches such as cereal and works against the potential acid production of the cereal. If milk is used to wash away sweets they will not have as harmful an effect. Certain cheese such as cheddar are a good preventive food because of its sharpness, it increases salivary flow.

Caution foods are not recommended dentally. These foods are actually dentally poor because they are high in sugar but do have nutritional value. Some of these foods include ice cream, raisins, dried fruits, and unsweetened juices, if taken frequently. Other foods in this category are foods that are nutritionally poor but dentally acceptable. These types of food include pretzels, popcorn, and potato chips. The last group of foods is the stop group. These foods are both dentally and nutritionally unacceptable. Chocolate, candies, gum, jellies and beverages high in sugars. Avoid these foods whenever possible.

Snacks that save smiles include meat, seafood, hard-boiled eggs, milk, cheese, raw vegetables, plain popcorn, seeds and nuts. Snacks that are not good for a healthy smile include candy, cookies, cakes, pastries, presweetened cereals, marshmallows, granola bars, fast foods; sugar sweetened gum and soda. Eat sensibly, brush and floss your teeth, visit your dentist regularly and you will be on your way to better dental health.